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Russia-Ukraine War: Latest News: U.S. and World Leaders Pledge to Support Kyiv ‘For as Long as It Takes’

Town’s Revolt Reveals Larger German Concerns About Arming Ukraine

A fighter jet and a missile on display at an airfield in Grossenhain, Germany, that was home to the Red Baron during World War I, the Nazis in World War II and the Soviets in the decades that followed.

New Delhi Police Raid Journalists in India

Security officers with confiscated material after a raid at the office of the website NewsClick in New Delhi on Tuesday.

Israeli Herders Spread Across West Bank, Displacing Palestinians

A Palestinian shepherd in the West Bank, a few miles from Al Baqa.

India Moves to Expel Canadian Diplomats

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, on Tuesday.

Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia Inches Closer to Being Done

The Sagrada Familia under construction.

Sunak’s Conservative Party Conference Haunted by Truss, Braverman and Other Rivals

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of Britain, center, at the Conservative Party’s annual conference in Manchester, where he is hoping to cast himself as a man of action.

14-Year-Old Fatally Shoots 2 at Mall in Bangkok, Officials Say

An ambulance outside the Siam Paragon mall in Bangkok after a shooting there on Tuesday.

With Surge in Attacks, Militants Begin New Era of Bloodshed in Pakistan

Praying on Sunday for the victims of a suicide attack that killed more than 50 people last week.

Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to 3 Scientists for Work on Electrons

From left, Pierre Agostini, Anne L’Huillier and Ferenc Krausz, recipients of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics, announced Tuesday.

Ethnic Serbs in Northern Kosovo Feel ‘Trapped’ by Politics

Serb kids walk past Kosovo’s police special operation unit in the village of Banjska in Kosovo, on Sunday.

Mexico Church Collapse Leaves at Least 11 Dead

A handout picture released by officials in the state of Tamaulipas showed the site where a church roof collapsed during Sunday mass in Ciudad Madero, Mexico.

UN Approves Kenya’s Mission to Stabilize Haiti

A Haitian gang called for the removal of the prime minister, Ariel Henry, during a protest in September in Port-au-Prince, the country’s capital.

What Is a Synod in the Catholic Church? And Why Does This One Matter?

Pope Francis leading a Mass at a previous synod, on the church in the Americas. The latest synod is more wide-ranging.

Venice Bus Plunge Kills at Least 21

Firefighters working at the site of a bus accident in Mestre, near Venice, on Tuesday.

Greenland Indigenous Women Demand Compensation for Involuntary IUDs

Britta Mortensen told the AFP she was forced to have an IUD implanted, without her parents’ knowledge, while she was living at a boarding school in Greenland in 1974.

Athens Democracy Forum: Daring to Hope That Democracy Will Prevail

At the Athens Democracy Forum, Climate, Technology, Ukraine and Youth Dominated

A firefighting plane made a water drop as a wildfire burned near the village of Provatonas in Greece in September. More than 20 people died in wildfires in Greece.

Athens Democracy Forum: Are Artificial Intelligence and Democracy Compatible?

Athens Democracy Forum: Local Forces Are Leading the Way in the Global Warming Crisis

Greece has suffered an ongoing series of climate-related catastrophes, including flooding in the Volos area recently after a storm, Elias, dumped heavy rains.

Athens Democracy Forum: Rethinking Security When So Many Threats Are Invisible

As companies like Microsoft helped Ukraine on the cybersecurity front with information and documentation, evidence of the physical war — destroyed Russian military equipment — was on display near Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry in Kyiv.

Athens Democracy Forum: The Disunited States of South America

Supporters of reforms by the Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, gathered in Bogotá.

Senate Delegation to Travel to China During Congressional Recess

Senator Chuck Schumer’s trip takes place at a challenging moment in the U.S.-China relationship.

Athens Democracy Forum: Across Africa, Young Leaders Emerge

Namatai Kwekweza, of Zimbabwe, was awarded the inaugural Kofi Annan NextGen Democracy Prize at the Athens Democracy Forum. Her organization, WeLead, provides leadership training and development as well as civics education.

Athens Democracy Forum: China and the U.S. Are Intertwined, but Share a Distrust

President Biden meeting President Xi of China in Indonesia last November.

Athens Democracy Forum: Africa Looks Ahead With Hope

Russian Ruble Briefly Weakens to 100 Against U.S. Dollar

The Russian Central Bank called an emergency meeting over the summer amid worries about the economy.

A Rural Michigan Town Is the Latest Battleground in the U.S.-China Fight

Lori Brock hosted a “No Gotion” rally at her Majestic Friesians Horse Farm in Green Charter Township, Mich.

Tuesday Briefing

A judge could impose an array of punishments on Donald J. Trump, including a $250 million penalty and a prohibition on operating a business in New York.

Tuesday Briefing: Trump’s New York Fraud Trial Begins

Spanish Nightclub Fire Investigators Work to Identify Victims

Police officers blocking access to the disco complex in Murcia, Spain, where a deadly fire erupted.

Alice Shalvi, Hailed as a Mother of Feminism in Israel, Dies at 96

Alice Shalvi teaching in the 1960s at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She was well known for leading Pelech, an experimental school for Orthodox girls.

Putin’s Next Target: U.S. Support for Ukraine, Officials Say

President Vladimir Putin, last week in Moscow in a photo released by Russian state media, believes he can influence American politics to weaken support for Ukraine.

A New Satellite Outshines Some of the Brightest Stars in the Sky

Kenyan-Led Security Mission in Haiti: What to Know

The Haitian gang G9 called for the removal of Prime Minister Ariel Henry in a protest last month.

India’s Early Electronic Music From the ’70s Is Finally Being Released

Tesla’s Sales Slip as It Readies Factories for New Models

The Tesla automotive company manufacturing facility in Fremont, Calif.

As Biden Urges Aid, Both Russia and Ukraine Expect U.S. Role to Continue

“Interparty squabbles are one thing, and support is another thing,” Sergei A. Ryabkov, Russia’s deputy foreign minister, said about U.S. aid to Kyiv. “They will find the money.”

Iraq Investigators Call for Officials to Be Fired After Wedding Hall Blaze

Mourning over the coffin of one of the victims of the wedding hall fire in Hamdaniya, Iraq, on Friday.

Russia May Be Planning to Test a Nuclear-Powered Missile

Vatican Synod Puts Catholic Church’s Most Sensitive Issues on the Table

Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican on Wednesday.

He Announces Baseball Games in Spanish. It Is Not His First Language.

Bill Kulik, a Phillies Spanish language radio broadcaster, from his broadcast booth in Philadelphia.

Typhoon Koinu: Taiwan Prepares for Rain and Wind Ahead of Landfall

A satellite image showing Typhoon Koinu approaching Taiwan on Tuesday.

E.U. Foreign Ministers Hold Surprise Summit in Wartime Kyiv

Monday Briefing

Sniper training in Ukraine.

Lise Meitner, the ‘Atomic Pioneer’ Who Never Won a Nobel Prize

Lise Meitner, the Austrian-born physicist, was a longtime collaborator of Otto Hahn, who won the Nobel Prize in 1944. She did not share in the award with him.

Grizzly Bear Kills 2 People at Banff National Park in Canada

Park authorities in Canada said they received an alert from inside Banff National Park in Alberta, where two people were found dead.

Slovakia Appears Set to Join the Putin Sympathizers After Election

Robert Fico, center, in Bratislava, Slovakia, on Sunday, has said he will “not send a single cartridge” of ammunition to Ukraine.

Monday Briefing: U.S. Aid to Ukraine Is Uncertain

President Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky at the White House last month.

Polish Opposition Supporters March in Warsaw Ahead of Key Election

A huge crowd gathered in Warsaw on Sunday in a display of antigovernment sentiment ahead of an election this month.

They Ran for a Better Life, Straight Into a Wildfire

Serbia’s Aleksandar Vucic Rejects Kosovo Troop Buildup Claims

Standing guard on Wednesday near a monastery in northern Kosovo, near the border with Serbia, days after a shootout.

At Least 13 Killed in Nightclub Fire in Spain

Firefighters outside the Teatre nightclub on Sunday in Murcia, Spain.

Turkey Strikes Kurdish Rebels After Suicide Attack in Ankara

Securing an area of Ankara, the capital, after an explosion on Sunday. It was not immediately clear who the attackers were, or if they belonged to a larger group.

Antakya, Turkey, Struggles to Recover From Earthquake

Central Antakya last month. Buildings set for demolition will soon add to a carpet of rubble and empty lots.

Ukraine Downplays Uncertainty Over U.S. Support After Funding Bill Passes With No Aid

President Biden with President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine last month at the White House.

Trailing in Polls, U.K.’s Conservatives Look to Unleash the ‘Real Rishi’ Sunak

Facing a big deficit in the polls, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will hope to redefine himself at the Conservative Party conference, which starts on Sunday.

Hunting Contest Reveals Rifts Over Invasive Species in New Zealand

Beau Moriarty with his 3-year-old son, Max, hunting in Waiau on the South Island of New Zealand.

Four Seconds to Impact: On the Front Line With Ukraine’s Snipers

A sniper in the Da Vinci Wolves battalion storing one of his rifles before heading east.

The Hottest New Accessory in Niger? A Russian Flag.

Supporters of Niger’s ruling junta holding a Russian flag at the start of a protest called to fight for the country’s freedom and push back against foreign interference in Niamey, Niger, in August.